Neue Version von Giana’s Return 0.99.5

Ziemlich genau einen Monat nach dem Release einer ersten Version des inoffiziellen The Great Giana Sisters Sequels mit dem Name Giana’s Return ist nun eine neue Version des Spiels veröffentlicht worden. Die jetzt veröffentlichte Version behebt diverse Probleme, welche in der vorherigen Version gefunden wurden. Man hat allerdings davon Abstand genommen mit dieser Version des Spiels bereits den Versionssprung zur 1.0 zu machen, da noch einige Probleme bekannt sind, welche man zuerst noch beheben will. Darunter auch ein größeres Problem mit der Steuerung via Joystick und Gamepad. Eine Liste aller Änderungen in dieser Version findet sich anbei. Mehr Informationen gibt es auf der offiziellen Seite zu Giana’s Return.

* Fixed grammar/spelling/structure within German language part
* Exchanged gray spiky stone in world 1 with red spiky cactus tree
* Decreased difficulty in level 6-8, extended three platforms with each one bug
* Leveldesign / Modified level 7-4, which fixes a problem if Giana dies in water
* Leveldesign / Modified level 7-8, removed a bonus cave which was placed in a way Giana got stuck when she came back to daylight.
* Leveldesign / Fixed fire animation in 3-4, 5-2, 5-3, 5-4, 5-5, 5-6, 5-7, 6-3, 6-4, 6-5, 6-6
* Leveldesign / Modified level 3-4, because one platform had a double enemy occupation
* Fixed Swampy password bug
* Added checkpoints
* Speed is set 0 when Giana stops at a wall-tile
* Fire collision is more forgiving now
* Added hint how to save Maria from Swampy
* Exchanged flags on language selection screen
* Redesigned language selection screen
* Bonus caves are harder to find now, it was partially too obvious before
* Increased level time from 140 to 160 seconds
* Big Bosses don’t kill instantly anymore, if you have more than 50% of your energy left
* Appearance/Quality of title screen improved
* Removed hidden bonus bricks for Swampy boss stage, which caused a possible slowdown at a very important place – this actually resulted in time loss and swampy catching you.
* Fixed hardly noticable layer bug in Swampy boss stage.
* Modified Level 46 to make it a bit more fair – if you had proper timing, it was not a big deal, but most players obviously had a problem.
* WIN32 / Changed default keyboard configuration to: Cursor keys for Left, Right, Down, Jump – Space for Shoot – this will only apply if you do not have a giana.cfg already.
* Minor fixes and other stuff we forgot to write down…

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