Mega Man 9 Merchandise

Capcom plant offenbar, sofern man einem Blogeintrag bei glauben schenken darf sämtliche Merchandise Artikel für Mega Man 9 ebenfalls im Retro-NES-Stil zu halten. Im Original liest sich das dann wie folgt:

It was quickly decided by the marketing group that if we were going to release a game that looked like it came from 1987 that we should run the whole marketing campaign as if we were working in the games industry in 1987. From there, it was a very easy leap to putting in a call to I Am 8-bit artist Gerald de Jesus, who we comissioned to create the beautiful/horrible homage to past packaging Mega Man mindcrimes that you see above. […] Capcom’s marketing team in the US is super-stoked that everyone is getting what we’re doing with the box art (including the Japanese dev team) and I promise you that we’ll have some t-shirts of this beauty available for purchase soon!

Wann man erste Merchandise Artikel im Stil des 80iger Jahre Klassiker erstehen kann ist allerdings noch nicht klar.

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