Lego Arcade Part II

Nachdem der erste Teil von Lego Arcade schon viel positives Feedback eingefahren hat, gibt es nun auch einen zweiten Teil, welcher ebenso wie Teil eins Videospielszenen mit Legosteinen nachstellt.

Once again, you can relive some classic video games from the 1980’s with legos. (I didn’t include Mario or Donkey Kong because I have already made videos featuring them). I tried using a higher frame rate this time, and listened to suggestions from before. ALL of these videos were requested several times, so I decided to produce them. It took well over 1,000 pictures and exactly 1,395 Lego pieces to make. I hope you enjoy it…it was quite a pain to make…

Dieses Mal mit dabei sind “Dig Dug”, “Centipede”, “Pong”, “Rally-X” und “Galaga”.

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